When you’ve gone to all that trouble to create your photographic masterpieces it seems a waste not to share them with other people – and Facebook is the perfect way to do it. Like many image editing and cataloguing tools, Aperture can connect directly to your Facebook account and post single images or entire albums.

It’s very straightforward, and here’s how it’s done. I’m using a selection of shots I took while walking on the hills near my house a couple of weekends ago.

01 Select your pictures

Aperture Facebook upload

First, select all the pictures you want to post, click the Share button on the main toolbar at the top of the window and choose Facebook from the drop-down menu.

02 Connect to your Facebook account

Aperture Facebook upload

If you haven’t connected Aperture to your Facebook account yet, you’ll be prompted to do it now – and it only takes a few moments. All you have to do is enter your Facebook username and password to confirm that you want to give the Aperture Uploader access to your account.

03 Where to publish your photos

Aperture Facebook upload

You can now choose whether to post the photos to an existing album, or create and name a new one. You can also choose who will be able to see your photos. Aperture will also display all your existing Facebook albums, whether or not you used it to upload them.