X-Rite launches camera profiler app for Capture One users

X-Rite’s new app works with existing ColorChecker PassPort Photo and Classic swatch pads to produce custom colour profiles for Capture One Pro.

Pro photographers and imaging perfectionists routinely calibrate their monitors for colour accuracy and printers too, if they do their own printing. They don’t normally calibrate their cameras, but calibration specialist X-Rite is on the case here too.

You can use a grey card or any patch of neutral tone in a shot to capture a manual white balance setting with your camera, or use the white balance eyedropper in your photo-editing software later to ‘neutralise’ colours, but this is a pretty crude correction compared to proper camera profiling. What you actually need to do is calibrate a whole series of colours and not just neutral/grey tone.

X-Rite already makes ColorChecker Passport and ColorChecker Classic swatch panels to put in your shots for exactly this kind of calibration, but what it’s just announced is a free beta version of a profiling utility for Capture One Pro users.

Capture One is the premier tethered shooting tool for professional studio photographers, so it’s a good match. The process is pretty simple: you place the ColorChecker Passport or ColorChecker Classic in the shot, shoot it as a RAW file and then process the RAW file as a TIFF using settings given in X-Rite’s three-step tutorial.

You then use the Camera Calibration software v1.2 to create a profile which can then be imported and used in Capture One Pro to produce precisely calibrated colours when you open up RAW files shot with that camera in those conditions.

Profiles are like a pre-processing step for RAW files. Sometimes they’re used to correct and calibrate colours, like here, and sometimes they’re used for creative effects, like the LUTs used in cinematography.

Find out more: X-Rite website

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