How to use the Google Nik Collection Analog Efex Pro Camera Kit

04 Bokeh

Analog Efex Pro Camera Kit

Now I’ve added the Bokeh effect (circled) in the Camera Kit panel on the left, and the Bokeh tools panel now appears in the right sidebar. (The Film Type panel is collapsed, but I can click on it to open it again if I want to make any changes.)

The Bokeh effect displays an on-screen gadget for controlling the shape, position and fade/feather for the blur. You need to try to image where the plane of focus would be if the picture had been shot on a camera with limited depth of field. I’ve decided the radiator grille and headlamps are the focal point for this picture, so I’ve dragged the bokeh gadget to the centre of the grille, elongated it vertically and narrowed the sides. Over in the Bokeh panel on the right I can use the Blur Slider to get just the right amount of defocusing around the edges.

05 Frames

Analog Efex Pro Camera Kit

Next, I’ve added the Frames effect from the Camera Kit panel on the left. Again, the right sidebar now displays the Frames panel, with the Film Type and Bokeh panels collapsed. You can re-edit these effects at any time, and they’re always stacked in the same order, by the way, so you don’t have to worry about which one you do first. They’re combined ‘in parallel’ rather than one after the other.

The Frames panel has a pop-up menu for different frame types, and I’ve gone for one of the ‘Film Strip’ frame effects.

06 Light Leaks

Analog Efex Pro Camera Kit

Next, I’ve added the Light Leaks effect. Here again I can choose from different types of light leak with the pop-up menu in the panel in the right sidebar, then click on a thumbnail to see the effect on the image. Light leaks take a little more trial and error because you really can’t tell how the ‘leaks’ are going to interact with the picture until you try them out.

07 Photo Plate

Analog Efex Pro Camera Kit

Finally, I’m going to add the Photo Plate effect. This creates the appearance of various textured, corroded or stained glass plates. There’s some crossover with the ‘Dirt & Scratches’ filter (which I’m not using this time), and again you’ll need to spend a little time with the different styles to see which one you like best – use the Strength slider in the tools panel on the right if the effect isn’t strong enough.

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