Aperture Light Tables

How to use Aperture Light Tables

10 Image adjustments

Aperture Light Tables

And here’s another neat light table trick. When you group your images together you can clearly see any differences in tone or colour rendition between them, and you can then use the regular Aperture adjustment tools to put that right. There’s no need to exit the light table or swap modes – you can just hit the ‘H’ key shortcut to display the Inspector HUD (Head UP Display), click the Adjustments tab and work on your image ‘live’ on the light table.

11 Smart guides

Aperture Light Tables

If you want to get an idea of how your pictures might be laid out on a magazine page or to impress a client, you can resize your pictures and move them individually into any kind of arrangement, and this is made easier by smart guides (the yellow lines visible in this screenshot) which can ‘snap’ your pictures into position to line up with the edges or centres of those around them.

12 Print and share

Aperture Light Tables

Finally, if you want to show or send your light table to someone else, you can either print it out or use the PDF feature in the print dialog to create a PDF version. You can then share this by email, for example. Below is a PDF version of the light table I created in this walkthrough (re-saved as a JPEG for display here).

Aperture Light Tables


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