Aperture Light Tables

How to use Aperture Light Tables

07 Removing images

Aperture Light Tables

I’ve decided the two images in the previous step were too similar, so I’ve deleted the weaker horizontal shot simply by selecting it and hitting the backspace key. But now I’m zoomed in on this picture, how do I move to another area of the lightbox? I need this button, top right, the Light Table Zoom Navigator…

08 Light Table Zoom Navigator

Aperture Light Tables

Clicking this button zooms back out (see the different setting on the Zoom slider, top right), but displays the area you were looking at as a rectangular marquee…

09 Moving your zoom area

Aperture Light Tables

You can now drag this marquee to a new area of the light table – I’ve chosen another cluster of images, top left – and you will now zoom in on these at the same magnification you used previously.

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