Aperture Light Tables

How to use Aperture Light Tables

04 Grouping your photos

Aperture Light Tables

Once I’ve added all my photos to a light table, I’ve found it’s really useful to start grouping them into clusters according to their subject, style, location or whatever else. You can start to see which pictures are similar, which you can afford to leave out, and which ‘clusters’ might be dominating a little too heavily.

05 Zooming in

Aperture Light Tables

At this point you’ll want to take a closer look at a smaller group of photos, and to do this select a photo (or drag over several to select them) and use the zoom slider (circled) at the top right of the screen – stop when you’ve reached the magnification you want.

Incidentally, your images may look as if they’re displaying at a low resolution. This is a quirk of light tables after you’ve first added pictures and zoomed in. The moment you resize them (coming next), they render at their proper resolution.

06 Resizing images

Aperture Light Tables

To select an image, just click on it. It will now be highlighted with a thick white border. To resize an image, move the mouse pointer over it to display the corner and edge handles (circled in red in this screenshot), then drag any of them inwards or outwards. Aperture will automatically constrain the photo to its original proportions, so you don’t need to hold down any modifier keys.

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