Analog Efex Pro custom presets

Top tips for creating and saving Analog Efex Pro custom presets

04 Duplicating a preset

Analog Efex Pro custom presets

Here’s an example. I’ve started with the ‘Summer glow’ preset I created in part 2 of this mini-series, and I’ve used the tools on the right to change the frame and add a different film type to create a much cooler, faded effect.

I want this to be a new custom preset, though, so that I still get to keep the old one. So this time I need to click on the ‘+’ button (circled) on the at the top of the Custom panel. I can now type in the name for my new custom preset.

05 My toning ‘cheat’

Finally, I’m a little surprised that Analog Efex Pro doesn’t have tools for toning black and white images. The nearest thing is the film type panel, but that creates a more complex split-toning effect.

Analog Efex Pro custom presets

However, I’ve found a workaround. I’ve started with a black and white picture by reducing the saturation value in the Basic Adjustment panel to zero, and now I need the Levels & Curves control, which can be activated with the Camera Kit panel on the left. Levels & Curves would normally be used to adjust the brightness values in the image, but you can select the red, green and blue colour channels individually. So here, I’ve selected the blue channel and dragged the middle of the curve slightly upwards to add a blue tone to the black and white picture.

Now I can save this as a new ‘Cyanotype’ custom preset, which will include the Levels & Curves adjustment I’ve just applied.

06 Sample presets

Here are versions of my original photograph which I’ve modified with the three custom presets I’ve created above. Custom presets don’t take long to make, they add more variety to the presets you get built in, and you can give them names which are a bit more descriptive.

Analog Efex Pro custom presets

Analog Efex Pro custom presets

Analog Efex Pro custom presets

In part 4 of my Analog Efex Pro mini-series, I’m going to finish off by showing you how you can export your own custom presets to share with other people, and I’ll add a link for you to download eight of my own. They’re really easy to install, and I’ll show you how to do it, step by step.

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