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These Lightroom portrait tips will put power into your people shots

You’ll probably want to take a softly softly approach with female portraits, but male subjects usually demand a different style. Here are some Lightroom portrait tips for giving your pictures a more powerful, grittier feel.   I want to give this outdoor shot (above) a grungy, contrasty look, and I’ve got a favourite set of adjustments in Lightroom that will do just that. I use them so often I’ve saved them as a preset. You can see the changes in the image with each step in the walkthrough below. 01 Go for Clarity The heart of this technique is...

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How to create a fine art effect with Silver Efex Pro 2

Fine art can mean a whole lot of different things, but here I’m just going to show how to turn a colour image into a simple graphic composition that could work quite nicely when you hang it on your wall. There are two things you need in order for this to work. One is an image with a strong, simple composition that’s going to work well at different viewing distances. Big, bold shapes are best, and details from nature work well. The other thing you need is a combination of subtle tonal adjustments to bring out the graphic arrangement...

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Boost contrast with Silver Efex Pro’s vignettes

The old-fashioned art of black and white photography went far beyond the initial picture-taking. Another, equally important creative process took place in the darkroom, where the image was dodged and burned to enhance the tones and concentrate the viewer’s gaze on the subject and composition. Dodging and burning is a bit of a lost art. It’s a lot easier with digital than it was in the darkroom, of course, but now that black and white is more of a minority interest than a mainstream technique, people seem to have forgotten how to do it, when and why. But a...

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