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Tilt shift lenses, or ‘perspective control’ lenses, have built-in lens movements which let you shift the lens up, down or sideways relative to the camera, or tilt it at an angle. The shift movement is good for correcting converging verticals in architectural shots, while the tilt movement has traditionally been used for depth of field control in studio photography.

This tilt movement works by aligning the camera’s plane of focus with the subject’s, but you can adjust the tilt the other way and dramatically reduce the depth of field, even with subjects some distance away from the camera.

This effect has been made popular by Lensbaby and its deliberately lo-fi lenses, where you can freely adjust the tilt of the lens.

It’s also possible to recreate this effect digitally using ’tilt shift’ filters. The effect is not quite the same since tilt lenses are acting on objects in 3D space while tilt shift filters are working on a 2D image, but the results can still be convincing and interesting enough to be worthwhile.



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