Tag: Textures

Textures are a great way to add an ‘analog’ feel to a digital image. They can be relatively subtle, such as adding a ‘paper’ texture that simulates the fine pattern or fibres of art paper, or more dramatic, simulating the look of an old photographic ‘wet plate’ or unusual printing materials like tin or wood. Textures can also replicate the appearance of a scratched, stained or faded print.

To add them manually you need an image editor that supports layers and a selection of texture files – you can photograph textures yourself and build a collection.

Alternatively, you can use software with filters for blending in texture files (MacPhun Luminar) or programs with a library of textures built in, such as Alien Skin Exposure X2, ON1 Photo RAW or Analog Efex Pro (Google Nik Collection).



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