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Aperture users: 3 ways Lightroom could drive you mad!

Aperture users are bound to take a sneaky peek over the garden fence from time to time at its chief rival, Lightroom. Lightroom has some great editing tools and every release brings more. If only Aperture had automatic lens corrections, a Graduated Filter tool, Radial Filter, the perspective-correcting Upright tool and all the rest! By comparison, Aperture can feel like it’s stuck in some kind of development backwater. But fancy editing tools are only half the story. These two programs have another, equally important job. Actually, I’m going to say it’s more important. They also have to catalog your...

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The secrets of stacking in Aperture

The ability to ‘stack’ related images is, I think, one of the single most important features of image cataloguing applications. And Aperture’s stacking system is the simplest, most effective and most versatile of all. To show how it works, I’ve set up a project with just a single image. It’s going to be a lot easier to see what’s happening if the screen isn’t cluttered up with other pictures. There are lots  of screenshots with this walkthrough, but don’t worry about that because it’s not a complicated process – they’re there just to make every single step crystal clear....

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