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Shadow and Highlight recovery in Lightroom

It’s very easy to lose extreme shadow or highlight detail when you’re shooting high-contrast scenes, and that’s one of the reasons for shooting raw files – they contain additional highlight detail, especially, that you may be able to bring out during processing. Shadow and highlight recovery is not always possible, but I usually reckon that decent cameras have about 1EV of extra highlight detail you can bring back in Lightroom, Capture One Pro or any other decent raw converter. At the same time you’ll often discover a lot more detail in the shadows than you ever suspected existed. Here, the...

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MacPhun Intensify 1.0.1: give your photos some punch!

I had an interesting chat with the folks on the MacPhun stand at The Photography Show at the Birmingham NEC at the beginning of March. They were showing off two new plug-ins called Intensify and SnapHeal. Both come in standard and Pro versions, and both work as standalone apps or plug-ins for Aperture, Lightroom, Photoshop and Elements. They’re Mac-only at the moment (hence ‘MacPhun’) and Windows versions are on the drawing board at the moment. But the company has big plans for 2014, with more plug-ins to follow. I thought I’d take a look at Intensify 1.0.1 Pro first....

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Get more natural results with this Lightroom HDR effect

HDR (high dynamic range techniques) are sometimes necessary to cope with scenes that have a higher dynamic range than the camera’s sensor can cope with. But that’s happening less and less as sensor technology improves. The latest D-SLR sensors don’t just have increased dynamic range, they’re able to capture shadow detail with less noise than before. This means that if you shoot RAW files, which retain a greater brightness range than JPEGs, it’s often possible to capture a scene’s full brightness range even in situations as tricky as this one, and this Lightroom HDR effect can make the most...

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Better Shadow/Highlight adjustments in Elements

Elements does have some limitations compared to Photoshop. One of these is the difference in the Shadows/Highlights tools. So is there a workaround? Yes there is… The Shadow/Highlights tool in Photoshop is designed to even up the tones in high-contrast pictures. It lightens the shadow areas and darkens the highlights by selecting these regions separately (though you don’t see the selections) and providing you with tools to adjust them. This picture’s a good candidate. It’s not an extreme example, but it’s typical of outdoor shots where the sky is bright and the landscape is a little dark. What I’d...

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How to get the most from the Capture One High Dynamic Range controls

Capture One Pro 7 is not just an excellent RAW converter. Like Adobe Lightroom it has some quite sophisticated adjustment controls. In particular, the Capture One High Dynamic Range sliders are very good at extracting the maximum latent highlight and shadow detail in RAW files. This is not HDR in the usual sense, where you combine shots at different exposures – it’s simply a way of extracting the maximum tonal range from a single image. Capture One Pro is already very good at extracting shadow detail, and this example shows just how much more there is available to be...

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