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The idea of ‘quick fixes’ probably won’t appeal to those who think of photography as an art or a craft, but sometimes they’re all you need. You may come back from a shoot with a collection of photos that’s 90% perfect but just lacking a little vibrancy, contrast, or definition here and there. The client’s waiting and you don’t want to spend all night getting the images in shape, so quick fixes that work reliably are perfect. That’s probably why tools like Athentec’s Perfectly Clear are so popular amongst professionals who are quite capable of making these changes manually but just don’t have the time.

And sometimes a quick fix is an important part of the culling process. You don’t just need to know what the images look like straight from the camera, you need to know what they could look like. That’s why tools like Lightroom’s Auto Tone button are worth taking seriously – they don’t provide the final image but they do give you an idea of its potential.

There is also some crossover between quick fixes and effects presets. You know your photo needs a very particular ‘look’ to make it work, and a quick fix preset can give it to you.



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