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DxO ViewPoint 3 review

DxO ViewPoint 3 is the latest version of DxO’s perspective and distortion correction program. It works as a standalone application, as a plug-in for Lightroom, Photoshop and Elements and as a fully-integrated panel within DxO Optics Pro, DxO’s flagship optical correction and raw processing tool. DxO Optics Pro 11 review ViewPoint is designed to correct the converging verticals and other exaggerated perspective effects you get with wideangle lenses – DxO Optics Pro only corrects lens aberrations like distortion, chromatic aberration, corner shading (vignetting) and edge softness. ViewPoint serves a very useful function, then, but it’s not unique. Lightroom has its...

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How to fix glare with perspective correction

Here’s an interesting little problem you often get when photographing paintings or other pictures. You get the camera perfectly perpendicular to the picture, only to find you’ve got horrible glare from the surface of the picture, completely ruining the shot. So here’s the problem. I didn’t have a polarising filter with me, which might have solved the problem, and this shot is no good as it is. The only way to deal with glare like this is to change your shooting position so that you’re no longer seeing the reflection off the surface of the picture. So that’s what...

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