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If you do a lot of travel or architectural photography you’ll know all about the problems of perspective. The most common issue is converging verticals, or keystone distortion, where you had to tilt the camera upwards to get the whole of the subject in the frame, and this has made the sides of the subject lean inwards.

But smaller problems can be just as annoying, such as a slight horizontal skew that leaves things you know should be horizontal on a slant. Or a perfectly rectangular facade that’s actually not quite rectangular because you couldn’t shoot it from dead opposite.

All of these things can be fixed with digital perspective correction tools. DxO made it a practical science and now Lightroom and Capture One Pro offer built in perspective correction too – and other programs can do the same.

Note that you should only carry out perspective correction after you’ve applied lens corrections to fix any lens distortion. Any trace of barrel or pincushion distortion makes it impossible to judge if a line or object is properly horizontal or vertical.

Perspective correction might seem like a relatively technical and unimportant job, but it can make a big difference to pictures of landmarks and buildings.



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