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Lightroom Boundary Warp explained

Boundary Warp is a new feature in Lightroom CC 2015.4, and if you subscribe to Adobe’s Photography Plan you may have downloaded this update without paying it much attention. But Boundary Warp adds a useful new function to Lightroom’s Panorama Merge feature that lets you keep more of the image area. Normally, the panorama stitching process creates ragged edges which you then have to crop off and lose. You can check a box to have Lightroom do this automatically. The alternative to losing these areas is to use Adobe’s Content Aware Fill technology to fill in blank areas around the margins using nearby...

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How to create panoramas with Lightroom CC

Amongst the new features introduced with Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6 was the ability to merge panoramas from a series of overlapping frames, without the need for Photoshop. But is it as good at merging images? Let’s see. Panoramas are easy to shoot. A tripod is good, but not essential. The main thing you need to make sure of is that you’re using manual exposure, manual white balance and, if there are foreground objects near the camera, manual focus. You need to make sure that all the exposure, colour and focus parameters stay the same between frames, or they may...

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Polar panoramas… on an iPhone?

Polar panoramas are ordinary landscapes turned into miniature spherical planets. Usually, you create them by first shooting a 360-degree panorama as a sequence of overlapping shots and then combining them using Photoshop or some dedicated panoramic stitching software. The polar panorama I’ve created here, though, was produced in about thirty seconds from a single everyday photograph using a £1.49 app on my iPhone. In fact I took the original picture my iPhone, too, and here it is. I didn’t have to use a picture shot on my iPhone, though. I can access my the photo library on my Mac...

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