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Organising your images. Wow. This is the big one. From the conversations I’ve had it’s clear that we all have very different needs, expectations and levels of understanding when it comes to keeping an ever-growing library of images organised.

If you shoot jobs for clients, it’s relatively straightforward because you’re likely to have a linear shoot-cull-enhance-share-archive workflow. If you keep a large stock of photos which you’ll constantly re-visit, re-work and re-use (like me) it becomes a lot more complicated.

I should nail my colours to the mast right now. For me, Aperture was the pinnacle of image organisation. Its structure of projects, albums and smart albums and its clever catalog-wide stacking system is just a work of genius. Lightroom does its best, but it’s like driving a tractor after a race car. Other cataloguing tools are even further behind…

However, that’s just me. Most photographers get on quite well with a simple folder-based filing system, and there are plenty of programs out there that do that perfectly well.

Me, I’ll carry on trying to find software and workarounds that get me just that little bit closer to what Aperture used to do…



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