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Lightroom noise reduction and why you need it

If you never thought you’d need to pay attention to the Lightroom noise reduction settings, you might need to think again. Like a lot of photographers I shoot RAW files on the assumption I’m going to get better image quality by processing the images myself rather than leaving it to the in-camera JPEG processing. That’s fine in theory, but if you’re in the habit of shooting both JPEG and RAW files at the same time, it won’t take you too long to figure out that it can take a little work to get the RAW files even as good as...

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DxO Optics Pro Prime 9.0 vs 9.1: is there a difference?

DxO Optics Pro 9 came with a new PRIME noise reduction feature that was much more effective than the program’s regular High noise reduction process, but it was a processor-intensive task that took several minutes to render a finished image. Worse, some users remarked that the processed files looked a little ‘soft’. I wasn’t exactly overwhelmed by it myself in my first PRIME post: Just how good is the new DXO Optics Pro 9 PRIME noise reduction? Obviously, others have been saying the same thing, because DxO has launched Optics Pro 9.1 with, amongst other things, a revamped PRIME...

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How to control noise for better portraits in Lightroom

Shooting in available light often gives the most natural and attractive portraits, but it also means you often have to shoot at high ISOs. I took this informal picture while I was working on a feature for N-Photo magazine, and while the light from the window is soft and even, it’s not very bright and I had to use an ISO of 2000. The picture was taken on a Nikon D4, which is normally very good at high ISOs, but I do think that Lightroom 5 and Adobe Camera Raw tend to exaggerate camera noise compared to other RAW...

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