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Can Capture One see more than your camera?

There’s something odd about the way Capture One crops certain RAW files. Now and again, when you select the crop tool, you’ll see that Capture One has chosen a default crop that’s actually smaller than the full image area. This might seem like a minor operational annoyance and that you just need to recrop manually, but there’s actually a bit more to it than this. It’s not that Capture One is failing to include the full image area in its default crop – it’s actually seeing areas of the image outside those captured by the camera. This sounds like...

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Fixing perspective is easy with Capture One Pro’s Keystone Vertical tool

You can fix converging verticals and other perspective problems in many programs, including Lightroom and DxO Optics Pro, but Capture One Pro 7 has what I think is the most easiest and most accurate tool of all. The problem with fixing keystoning is that you need to be extremely accurate in aligning the tool’s marker points with vertical lines in your image, and this is where I think you really see the difference between programs. Capture One Pro uses a tiny white dot within a larger circle, and it’s really easy to see and position this almost to pixel-level...

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