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Did you know you can stack filters in Google Snapseed?

I am a huge fan of Google Snapseed. I’m not a huge fan of what Google has done with it, dropping the desktop Snapseed app and then the online Snapseed editing tools built into Google+ Photos. This has been replaced by a separate Google Photos option with much simpler editing tools. Thankfully, Snapseed still exists as an iOS and Android app, and while it’s still around I aim to make the most of it – and I suggest everybody else does the same! Now although it’s a mobile rather than a desktop app, there are ways to get it...

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Who needs Photoshop when you can use Perfect Layers 8 with Aperture and Lightroom?

Aperture and Lightroom fans will need an external image-editor for more advanced image enhancement and manipulation – particularly if it involves combining multiple images as layers. But your external editor doesn’t have to be Photoshop, or even Elements. Perfect Photo Suite 8, just out, has a new version of its Perfect Layers plug-in which makes it even easier to created layered images from within Aperture or Lightroom. I’m going to try this out on my picture of a forest scene, but adding and blending in a picture of some clouds. 01 Launch Perfect Layers 8 I’m using Aperture to...

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How to get perfect cutouts with Perfect Photo Suite!

OnOne Software doesn’t just provide one plug-in in Perfect Photo Suite, but several. Perfect Mask is the main tool for this tutorial, but the Perfect Effects plug-in finishes it off beautifully! I’ve got two confessions to make. One is that I wasn’t a huge fan of Perfect Photo Suite initially because I found it quite clunky and confusing. I’m changing my mind. There are still things I find awkward, but I’m starting to think it really is worth the effort, because this suite of plug-ins is really rather impressive. My other confession is that this is a super-long walkthrough...

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Layers without Photoshop: Perfect Layers in action

It’s all very well talking about life after Photoshop, and there are plenty of programs and plug-ins which can do magical things with your images… but you still need Photoshop (or Elements) to create layer montages. Don’t you? Actually, no. OnOne’s Perfect Layers, part of its Perfect Photo Suite, can manage layers, and layer masks too. Here’s a quick guide to how it works, using a landscape shot on Dartmoor at the end of the day. The landscape is fine, but the sky is blown out, so I need to merge in a new sky. 01 Add the sky...

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