Tag: Layers

Layers come in a couple of different types. There are the image layers we’re all used to from all  those Photoshop manipulations we’ve seen countless times, but there are also adjustment and/or effects layers used to change the appearance of a photo rather than combining it with another one.

Photoshop is not the only tool for combining image layers. ON1 Photo RAW does it rather well and MacPhun Luminar can combine image layers too.

Adjustment/effect layers are the province of non-destructive image editing tools like Capture One Pro, ON1 Photo RAW, Alien Skin Exposure X and others (regular image-editors like Photoshop and Affinity Photo have them too). The underlying image remains unaltered, and the adjustment layer simply changes its appearance. You can add multiple adjustment layers and used masks to control the areas of they affect. You can change the settings for adjustment layers or removing them completely at any time, right up to the point when you export a final, finished image for sharing or printing.



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