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Top 12 HDR tips

HDR photography can produce spectacular images. It can also produce a supersaturated, overcooked look that we’ve probably all seen too much of. Getting that balance right is an art in itself. For now, though, here some HDR tips for shooting and then editing your images. HDR tip 01: In-camera HDR In-camera HDR is becoming more common and it can work pretty well, but it’s not the same as being able to choose your own presets and HDR settings. The results can look flat and lacking in midtone contrast and leave you with just as much work to do as if you’d just started...

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Get better Lightroom HDR with the help of HDR Efex Pro

Wednesday Workshops are all about solving tricky little image-editing issues, and here’s one to get us started. The Lightroom HDR tools built in are good in their way, but will only get you so far. Yes, you can boost the shadows, reduce the highlights, add some Clarity and Dehaze and maybe a graduated filter for the sky, but you can end up doing a lot of work only getting half way to the result you want. This also applies both to single raw files and when you’re using the HDR Merge feature and a series of separate exposures. Lightroom will...

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MacPhun Intensify 1.0.1: give your photos some punch!

I had an interesting chat with the folks on the MacPhun stand at The Photography Show at the Birmingham NEC at the beginning of March. They were showing off two new plug-ins called Intensify and SnapHeal. Both come in standard and Pro versions, and both work as standalone apps or plug-ins for Aperture, Lightroom, Photoshop and Elements. They’re Mac-only at the moment (hence ‘MacPhun’) and Windows versions are on the drawing board at the moment. But the company has big plans for 2014, with more plug-ins to follow. I thought I’d take a look at Intensify 1.0.1 Pro first....

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Get more natural results with this Lightroom HDR effect

HDR (high dynamic range techniques) are sometimes necessary to cope with scenes that have a higher dynamic range than the camera’s sensor can cope with. But that’s happening less and less as sensor technology improves. The latest D-SLR sensors don’t just have increased dynamic range, they’re able to capture shadow detail with less noise than before. This means that if you shoot RAW files, which retain a greater brightness range than JPEGs, it’s often possible to capture a scene’s full brightness range even in situations as tricky as this one, and this Lightroom HDR effect can make the most...

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Who needs HDR when you’ve got Viveza 2 control points?

Viveza 2 is part of the Google Nik Collection, and I think it’s in danger of being overlooked in favour of the newer, flashier or more versatile plug-ins in the collection. Viveza 2 is designed to offer localised adjustments for your digital image using the ‘control point’ technology now found throughout the Google Nik Collection. Viveza 2 control points combine adjustments and masks all in one. You place a control point where you want to make an adjustment, and the tones under the control point are then used to define the ‘mask’ used to limit the adjustments to that...

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