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Sunday step-through: Black and white in Capture One Pro

Maybe you wouldn’t normally think of Capture One Pro as an image-editor. It’s a superb RAW converter and general image enhancement tool, but most of the time you’d probably swap to a plug-in or an external editor for really detailed effects work – especially any that required localised adjustments. But I’ve been spending some time with Capture One Pro and, being a bit of a black and white nut, I thought I’d try it out one some images I shot in Dawlish, on the UK’s South Devon coast, on a blustery, showery February day. 01: The start shot So it’s not much...

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Use edge burning to enhance your composition in Silver Efex Pro 2

Burning in the edges of your pictures is a great way to enhance the composition because it improves the picture’s overall contrast and helps you concentrate attention on the picture’s focal point. The point is that converting your pictures to black and white is just the start, and ‘digital’ techniques like channel mixing are useful but not enough on your own. What you really need for black and white is good old-fashioned dodging and burning. And that’s where Nik (Google) Silver Efex Pro 2 is so effective. I’ll start with this colour picture taken in Venice and see if...

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How to dodge and burn in Aperture

Aperture can be used to create localised adjustments, but at first glance it doesn’t seem terribly effective. You can ‘brush in’ adjustments via a pop-up menu, but they aren’t particularly powerful and they do quickly get complicated as you to try to juggle additional tools in the adjustments panel on the left. But there is a simpler approach that can produce much more powerful results, and you can use this to ‘dodge and burn’ your images to make them much more effective. This used to be a standard technique in black and white, but it works just as well...

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