Tag: Dehaze

This is a relatively new tool in Lightroom and it’s starting to appear in other programs too. What the Dehaze effect does is to split the image up into different tonal areas – such as the sky and the foreground in a landscape photo – and then maximise the contrast within these areas.

The effect is strongest in areas which are quite pale and washed out, such as weak skies or distant hazy horizons. But although it’s called ‘Dehaze’, these are simply the circumstances where this tool is likely to be most effective – there’s nothing in its design that specifically targets hazy backdrops in landscape photos. Indeed, the Dehaze tool equally effective on pale, flat areas in any photograph.

If you turn it right up to maximum the effect can be spectacular but also rather artificial-looking, verging on a kind of HDR look. Used in moderation, though, it can give wishy-washy images a real boost without giving away the fact that the picture has been manipulated.



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