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There are two main reasons for cropping photos. The first and most straightforward is simply to make them fit a specific size of printing paper, screen size or design layout.

It’s all about the aspect ratio, or the ratio of a photo’s width to its height. Most DSLRs and mirrorless cameras have an aspect ratio of 3:2 whereas most compact cameras have an aspect ratio of 4:3. Most computer screens are 16:9, like HD video and UHD 4K, though Mac screens are 16:10…

Anyway, when your images are displayed on specific devices or layouts, or printed on common paper sizes, the chances are they will be cropped to fit. This may happen automatically, but you won’t get any control over what’s cropped off – so many of us would rather do this cropping manually.

On Life after Photoshop, for example, the featured image for each article is in an unusually wide ratio that means much of the top and bottom of the picture is cropped off. I usually crop and export featured images specially rather than leaving it to my website’s content management system.

The other reason for cropping images is to improve their composition. Personally, I find this quite difficult because I concentrate on composing shots in the viewfinder or on the camera’s LCD display – and once I’ve decided on the composition I find it difficult to ‘rethink’ it later. Other people may not have this problem!



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