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Try Color Efex Pro 4’s Photo Styliser for a rich, warm landscape

Color Efex Pro, part of the Google Nik Collection, is a terrific plug-in with an amazing array of filter effects, each of which has its own controls. Some of them have uses which are obvious straight away, but some… well, not so much. So now and again I have a trawl through the list to see what I can find, and I discovered the Photo Styliser is rather good at creating a warm, contrasty film-like effect. Step 01: Check out the presets When you select any of the Color Efex Pro filters, you should see a small icon to...

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Use Color Efex Pro control points to mask your graduated filters

Graduated filters are perfect for toning down bright skies, but they have a problem. Any object sticking up into the sky gets ‘graduated’ too! But Color Efex Pro control points are the answer… All the filters in Color Efex Pro have opacity control points. You can use them to hide the filter effect in areas you don’t want it, or add them to apply the effect only in specific areas. They use Nik Software’s clever ‘U-point’ technology, which automatically masks the adjustment based on the tones underneath the control point. This becomes a lot easier to understand when you...

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How to use control points in Silver Efex Pro

Black and white photography relies heavily on dodging and burning to add emphasis to certain parts of the image, to balance or contrast areas of tone, and improve the overall composition – and Silver Efex Pro’s control points let you do this in moments, without masks or selections. You don’t always need them. Silver Efex Pro’s edge burning tools, vignettes and other options mean that you can create great black and white imagery without localised manual adjustments. But when you do need them, you’ve got Nik Software’s control points. You click on the image to add a control point,...

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Adding localised levels and curves adjustments in Color Efex Pro 4

Nik (Google) Color Efex Pro 4 isn’t just a collection of special effects. It also has a number of powerful image-editing tools hidden amongst them, and one of these is the Levels & Curves tool. You can use this to make adjustments to your images in the same way you would in Photoshop, Elements and other image-editing programs. But these adjustments go further than you might think. Color Efex Pro 4 also offers control points for restricting its effects to specific areas of your pictures, and version 4 can also ‘stack’ effects, which means you can create as many...

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How to create a moonlight effect in Color Efex Pro 4

If you look at any old Hollywood film you’d see they had a standard technique for creating ‘moonlight’. They’d simply shoot in bright sunlight, reduce the exposure and give the picture a blue tinge. The bizarre thing was that it worked – it did give the appearance of ‘night’. Moonlight isn’t actually blue, though. If you take a picture under moonlight with a long enough exposure, you’ll just end up with a picture that looks like it was shot in daylight – the light from the moon is just the same as the light from the sun, just dimmer....

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