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Dehaze vs Contrast – now there are two ways to boost images

Images often need a contrast boost to give them a little more life and intensity. It’s a perfectly ordinary technique we’ve been using for years. Tone curve tools or simple contrast sliders are used to push the bright and dark values in the picture further apart to increase their separation (and, ideally, without ‘clipping’ extreme shadow or highlight detail. But this is a global technique. With regular tone curve adjustments you can’t increase contrast in one part of the brightness range without reducing it in another. Unless you’ve got some headroom in the darkest and brightest parts of the picture,...

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Do your pictures need a boost? Try this wild three-step fix in Capture One!

We’ve all been there. You’ve got a shot that’s fundamentally sound but lacks rich, strong colours or any kind of atmosphere. They can be tricky to fix and you can spend hours experimenting with settings that don’t seem to get you any closer – and you don’t want to resort to flashy and obvious effects filters. So there’s a three-step technique that can transform these workaday images into something a whole lot more colourful. It doesn’t suit every shot, admittedly – it works best with images that have mixed light sources, or at least areas of different colours. This...

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