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We often think of filters as something you use in isolation. You have a particular effect in mind and you use a filter specifically designed to create that effect. But combining filters can offer altogether richer and more complex effects that a single filter can’t create, and this is a major trend in effects software and presets. It’s an exciting area because it opens up an infinite array of different ‘looks’ and expressions – not to mention a thriving market in preset packs for programs like Lightroom.

Color Efex Pro is a good example. What’s interesting about Color Efex Pro is not just its large range of filters but the way you can ‘stack’ them in any combination to create unique ‘Recipes’. These can then be saved and used as single-click presets.

Analog Efex Pro’s effects are built from combinations of filters, so you can create the look of a faded 60s colour film using a combination of a Film Type filter, a Vignette filter, and a Frame.

This is how MacPhun Luminar works, offering preset image effects made by combinations of filters, not a single tool.

In the old days of image-editing, you had to take a linear approach, applying one filter effect to create a newly-rendered version of the image and then going through the same process if you wanted to apply another. Now, filter effects can be applied simultaneously with the ability to switch them on and off or replace them with others ‘live’, without the need to backtrack through your image-editing history.



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