Tag: Colour tweaks

I really couldn’t think of a better description for this particular category of adjustments. ‘Colour tweaks’ sounds a little too banal and simplistic, but ‘Powerful and sophisticated colour adjustments’ is far too long for a tag on a web page.

The fact is that many images benefit from individual colour tweaks rather than global vibrance, saturation or white balance adjustments. You might want to make the greens in a landscape a little cooler and fresher, for example, without shifting all the colours, or you might want a ‘golden hour’ look that doesn’t mean just slapping an orange overlay on your pictures.

These individual colour tweaks may be found in the HSL (hue, saturation, lightness) panel in some programs (Lightroom, Elements, Photoshop) in tools like Capture One’s Color Editor and elsewhere. The point is that it’s often only one colour or hue in a picture that needs adjusting, not all of them, and that a single, colour-specific tweak can make a dramatic difference to the result and without adding any artificial overall hue shifts.



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