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How to use the Capture One Color Editor to fine-tune your image’s colours

The Capture One Color Editor is designed for subtle manipulation, not wholesale colour substitutions. It has much in common with the Replace Color tool in Photoshop and Elements, but restricts itself to modest hue shifts rather than complete colour changes. It’s really useful where the image as a whole is more or less right, but individual colours are slightly off-key or over/under-saturated. This moody Welsh landscape is a good example. It’s already had some editing work done on it to enhance the clarity, contrast and overall saturation, but I’m not happy with the greens (they’re more brown than green)...

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Get greener landscapes with an Elements adjustment layer

What I like about Photoshop Elements is firstly that it’s a fraction of the price of Photoshop (and available as a ‘perpetual licence’) and secondly that it’s quite capable of carrying out almost all the image adjustments I want to do. This is one of my favourite techniques for enhancing colours and I use it the same way in both programs. It’s a common problem with landscapes – we ‘see’ rich, vibrant greens, but what the camera sees has a duller, yellowish tone. The camera is actually being quite accurate, it’s just showing us colours as they are, not...

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