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Fine art black and white with the Fujifilm GFX

I was lucky enough to get a Fujifilm GFX 50S on loan for two weeks to review in Digital Camera and Professional Photography and I’m really impressed by the tonal range and subtlety it can capture. This became obvious when I started working on a set of shots from a drizzle-swept day on Exmoor. The sky was heavy and flat and there was very little colour, so I decided to try to drag out a strong black and white image from my RAW originals. 01 The ‘start’ shot See what I mean? The day looked a complete washout, but having...

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Get more accurate colours with Lightroom’s Camera Calibration panel

Have you ever noticed that the colours in the JPEGs you get from the camera don’t always match up with your RAW files when you open them in Adobe Camera Raw? That’s because when you shoot a JPEG, the camera still starts off by capturing a RAW file but then processes it in camera to produce the image. The point is that Nikon (or Canon, or Sony etc) have a different idea about how to process their RAW data to Adobe’s. RAW converters are not the same! They’re like different developer formulations in the days of film – each...

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