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Create a beautiful gum bichromate effect in Perfect B&W

OnOne Software’s B&W tool doesn’t just create black and white pictures! You can use it to recreate a whole range of delicately-coloured vintage effects too, like this digital version of the gum bichromate process. To be honest, digital versions of old chemical processes do take some liberties with the look and feel of the original technique, and this one is no exception. However, I hope the result is in the spirit of the gum bichromate process, even if it doesn’t have the same element of craft and skill. This is also an opportunity to take a closer look at...

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How to create your own processing recipe in Color Efex Pro 4

Color Efex Pro 4 doesn’t just boast a huge list of great filter effects, it also lets you ‘stack’ them in combination and then save your own, unique style as a ‘Recipe’. Nik Software really pulled out all the stops with Color Efex Pro 4. There were many useful additions and tweaks to the filters, but the really big thing was the new ability to ‘stack’ filter effects in combination – and then save them as user ‘recipes’ for re-use in the future. Now that Google has bought out Nik Software,  I really hope Color Efex Pro 4 doesn’t...

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How to create a fine art effect with Silver Efex Pro 2

Fine art can mean a whole lot of different things, but here I’m just going to show how to turn a colour image into a simple graphic composition that could work quite nicely when you hang it on your wall. There are two things you need in order for this to work. One is an image with a strong, simple composition that’s going to work well at different viewing distances. Big, bold shapes are best, and details from nature work well. The other thing you need is a combination of subtle tonal adjustments to bring out the graphic arrangement...

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