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‘Bokeh’ is a Japanese word that describes the particular visual quality of out of focus areas on a picture. Bokeh fans will wax lyrical about the background rendering of certain lenses, while sceptics will wonder what all the fuss is about. It all depends on how sensitive you are to the nuances of images.

So although ‘bokeh’ is technically about how out-of-focus areas look, the word has been hijacked somewhat to mean anything that’s out of focus – so there are image effect plug-ins like Analog Efex Pro, for example, that offer a ‘bokeh’ filter for making backgrounds blurred and concentrating attention on the main subject.

There’s nothing wrong with that and it’s a perfectly valid digital technique that can make a photo really effective. Really, it’s a depth of field effect rather than ‘bokeh’, but the word seems to have stuck now so many people think it means the same thing.



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