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Black and white photography is as popular as ever, though now it’s seen as a means of artistic expression rather than just a way of capturing images. Its continued popularity might be hard to explain logically since it offers ‘less’ than colour, but that may be part of its appeal – black and white offers fewer distractions, it’s less ‘literal’ and it’s easier to control the graphic and compositional elements that go to make up a picture without them fighting or undermining each other.

You can shoot black and white JPEGs in camera or do what most black and white fans do, which is to shoot RAW files and then process them into black and white later. This offers a ‘digital negative’ with a much wider brightness range and more scope for manipulation without image degradation.

Programs like Lightroom and Capture One are really good at producing strong, technically excellent black and white images, or you can use ‘analog film simulation’ tools like Analog Efex Pro, Alien Skin Exposure X or ON1 Photo RAW to create a film-like look.

In the days of film, taking the picture was only the start of the black and white image making process and the real work was done in the darkroom. It’s the same now, and the most striking black and white images are created with careful enhancement and manipulation in software.



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