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Three things you can do with a Photoshop Elements Gradient Map

Photoshop Elements Gradient Maps can create a wide range of effects from black and white conversions to sepia toning and colour tints, so how do they work? Gradient maps take the brightness values in the picture and ‘map’ them on to any gradient you choose, and this is actually rather useful. Let’s say you pick a straightforward black-white gradient – the tool then maps all the pixels in your picture onto the different shades of grey along this gradient according to their original brightness. In this instance, you’ll get a black and white conversion of a colour original, which...

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Create a mist effect in Elements with blend modes and masks

Have you ever used a ‘mist’ filter with your camera? These are pretty weak – they usually produce an overall hazy glow to your pictures that doesn’t look that realistic. But there is a way to create ‘mist’ effects in Photoshop Elements that’s a lot more realistic. It uses adjustment layers, masks and blend modes, and while that might sound pretty complicated it’s actually quite straightforward. It’s also really easy to tweak the results once you’ve finished. Here’s our start shot. It’s a good candidate because it has some three-dimensional depth which will make the mist effect look more...

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