Silver Efex Pro Film Noir effect

Exploring the Silver Efex Pro Film Noir effect

03 Tonal adjustments

Silver Efex Pro Film Noir effect

So I can hide the presets panel and open the tools panel to make some manual modifications. All the presets are simply pre-packaged sets of adjustments, and there’s no effect in any of the presets which you can’t modify, remove or replace with the tools panel.

I’ll start by brightening up the image with the Brightness slider, and hike up the contrast with the Contrast slider. I think the highlights still need a little extra sparkle, though, and the Amplify Whites slider does it perfectly.

04 Removing the Image Border

Silver Efex Pro Film Noir effect

Borders are applied in the Finishing Adjustments panel, in the Image Borders section. You can open the drop-down borders menu and choose one of a whole range of alternates – though in this case I’m choosing ‘Off’.

05 Adjusting the Burn Edges effect

Silver Efex Pro Film Noir effect

The vignette effect in the Film Noir 1 preset is created with the Burn Edges tool in the Finishing Adjustments panel. You click the button for the edge you want to ‘burn’, then adjust the Strength, Size and Transition sliders for that edge. With the Image Border effect removed, I think this picture needs less edge burning on the left and top edges.

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