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Pixelmator Pro announced

We’re all on the lookout for new, innovative image-editing applications, and while Pixelmator isn’t new, exactly, this Pixelmator Pro version is. Pixelmator is a lean, light, Mac-only image-editor that looks like no other and is available in both desktop and iOS versions, so the arrival of a Pro version is actually quite exciting.

The Pixelmator team comes from Vilnius in Lithuania and the existing Pixelmator apps are available from the Apple App Store. Pixelmator has always been a slick and interesting photo editing and illustration tool, but it looks like Pixelmator is really upping the stakes with a Pro version.

It’s calling it “The world’s most innovative image editing app”, claiming a reimagined editing workflow, simplified editing tools that are smarter, more powerful yet more intuitive than ever before, and with machine learning technology for all-new and intelligent editing features.

Like previous versions of Pixelmator, this is a Mac-only app. It’s powered by the graphics processor in the Mac in tandem with Mac OS technologies, including Metal 2 and Core Image.

Pixelmator Pro is claimed to have advanced processing techniques to eliminate posterisation and improve clarity. It will have RAW support built in, with the ability to edit multiple RAW images as layers within a document while retaining access to all the additional RAW image data.

Pixelmator says Pixelmator Pro will have the world’s smartest and fastest Quick Selection tool and a “magical’ Repair tool.

It will also be possible to apply non-destructive image effects in real time, and with multiple effects for each layer. These and other adjustments can be saved as ‘Recipes’ for re-use in the future.

Pixelmator Pro is not just a photo-editing tool, offering full layers support for moving, resizing and arranging the components of composite images, including photographs, type, and shapes. The Arrange tool is non-destructive, so you can resize and rotate layers at will, and there will be Smart Spacing guides and advanced alignment tools to keep the different components of your artwork aligned.

It’s also a drawing and painting app, offering ‘hand-crafted’ brushes with dual textures, advanced brush dynamics and new Dynamic Paint Blending technology and will boast an extensive collection of shapes and drawing tools, together with layer styles.

You can find out more at the official website and there will be a full review on Life after Photoshop as soon as the software becomes available.

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  1. Thanks for putting this on your review list. I”m quite interested in this program and look forward to seeing your review.

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