One of the reasons I prefer Aperture to any other image cataloguing tool is its integration with the Mac OS and Apple’s photo stream feature. I can take a set of pictures on my iPhone, and the next time I open up Aperture, they’ve been imported automatically. Or I can import some pictures into Aperture on my Mac, and then show my friends the same pictures on my iPhone when we go out.

It’s all done wirelessly online via Apple’s iCloud service, and it’s fully automatic – I don’t have to do a thing – and even the photo stream setup is easy.

The first thing you’ll need is an iCloud account, but when you buy any Apple product, from an iPhone to an iPad, you get one of these free, and I’ll assume you’ve already set yours up.

01 Set up photo stream on the iPhone

Aperture photo stream setup

(These instructions are for iOS 7, by the way.) First, tap the Settings button. In the Settings window, scroll down to the iCloud icon and tap it. Now scroll down again and tap the Photos icon. On this final screen, tap the My Photo Stream button so that it goes green to show that it’s on.

02 Take some photos!

Aperture photo stream setup

I took a trip to the Bishop’s Palace in Wells, Somerset, to grab some shots in a rare spell of sunshine, and to check photo stream was working…

03 Photo stream in Aperture

Aperture photo stream setup

And back home I made sure photo stream was switched on in Aperture. You’ll find this option in the iCloud panel of the Preferences window.

04 My iPhone photos in Aperture

Aperture photo stream setup

As if by magic, the photos I took on my iPhone now appear in Aperture. Aperture automatically creates a photo stream project for each month – I’ve circled this in the Inspector panel on the left.