Perfect Photo Suite 8 Enhance module

Perfect Photo Suite 8 and its new Enhance filter

OnOne Software has worked hard to promote its new Perfect Photo Suite 8 product, and it’s finally been launched officially. You can take a look for yourself at the OnOne website, and download a 30-day trial while you’re there – click the ‘Try now’ link at the  top of the page.

OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 8 Enhance module

I’m going to take a look at all the new features in forthcoming posts, but I thought I’d kick off with the all-new Enhance module.

This is for basic brightness, contrast, saturation, white balance adjustments and more – the kind of things you could find buried in the Effects module if you looked hard enough, but which are now open and accessible and easy to apply.

It might not sound like rocket science, but I think it marks an important shift towards creating an all-in-one image-editing tool. Perfect Photo Suite 8 is no longer just a collection of filters dragged together under a single umbrella – it’s starting to look like a product you could possibly use for all your image-editing work.

Perfect Photo Suite 8 Enhance module

So I’m just going to do a quick tour of the Enhance module for now, to see what it can do with this rather lacklustre macro shot (above) I took at a railway yard.

01 New modules

Perfect Photo Suite 8 Enhance module

I’ve opened this from within Aperture, which lists each module individually as well as a global ‘Perfect Photo Suite 8’ entry. If I select ‘Perfect Photo Suite 8’, my photo opens in the Layers module. The new Enhance module is just to the right on the top toolbar, but first, notice the Browse module, also new, which is just to the left. I’ll come back to this in another post because this too helps make Perfect Photo Suite 8 a more complete package.

02 Quick Fixes

Perfect Photo Suite 8 Enhance module

So here I’ve clicked the Enhance module, and over in the right sidebar you’ll see a selection of tools panels for adjusting the image. There are four panels, and the top one is called ‘Quick Fixes’ – I’ve circled it here. This looks like it could be useful when you haven’t got much time to spare, but I’m going to skip this and look at the other panels.

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