Perfect Effects Tone Enhancer

How to adjust curves with the Perfect Effects Tone Enhancer

OnOne Software Perfect Effects isn’t just for image effects – you can also carry out everyday image-editing adjustments, thanks to the Perfect Effects Tone Enhancer. This is used for some of the effects in the presets panel on the left of the window, but if you want to access it directly it’s best to go straight to the tools panel on the right.

Perfect Effects Tone Enhancer

I’m going to show how it works using this landscape shot. I think the stormy sky needs emphasis and the foreground needs a little more contrast. This means two adjustments not one, and it’s a chance to show how the effects stack and masking tools work too.

01 Add the Tone Enhancer effect

Perfect Effects Tone Enhancer

Start by opening the Effect menu in the Effects Stack panel on the right of the Perfect Effects window. The Tone Enhancer is near the bottom of the list.

02 Effect Options

Perfect Effects Tone Enhancer

You’ll see that a Tone Enhancer layer is now added to the top of the stack in the Effects Stack panel. Underneath, in the Effect Options panel, you’ll see all the controls available for this effect. The only one I’m going to use for this is the curves control at the bottom.

For this adjustment, though, I only want to work on the sky – I need to mask off the foreground before I start. For this, I’m going to use the Perfect Effects Focus Bug (circled) on the toolbar at the top left. When I click on the image, a Focus Bug is created in the centre, and I now need to adjust this to mask the correct area of the picture.

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