360 video and stills look a lot of fun. The trouble is you’ve got to carry round a separate camera and it would be even more fun if you could just clip one on to your smartphone. Which, as you’ve probably guessed, is what we’re coming around to.

The iON360 U is a clever combination of smartphone case and 360 camera. The case not only protects your smartphone, it also contains a 1300mAh battery to power the camera and charge the phone. The 360 camera is a separate clip-on attachment that also launches the accompanying app.

Be aware, though, that at the moment this only fits two smartphone ranges – the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

This isn’t just a clip-on lens accessory, it’s a separate camera unit that shoots immersive 4K 360-degree video at 30fps, for up to 2hrs. The maker says you can use it to livestream to YouTube or Facebook or save video to your camera roll.

It can also shoot 7.2 megapixel 360 stills, or 180-degree stills with either the front or rear facing camera.

We asked iON360 about the iPhone 8, and apparently it will fit in the corresponding iPhone 7 cases. It’s a bit of a squeeze, but the case has rubber inserts designed for a little ‘give’. We were also advised that iOS 11 issues might mean that you have to restart the iPhone for it to recognise the camera, and that – of course – the iPhone 8’s wireless charging won’t work when it’s in the case.

The iON360 U comes in two colour choices – grey or teal – and you can order it direct from the iON360 website for £299. We can’t give you US prices because the website wouldn’t let us swap territories to check. When we visited it also had a ‘pre-order’ button, so either someone needs to update the website or you can’t actually buy it just yet.