DxO Perspective for Mac seems to have appeared out of the blue. It’s a Mac-only program available free from the App Store up until November 3rd 2013, and $19 after that. That looked too good a deal to miss, so I’ve downloaded it to check it out.

Instead of being a brand new concept, though, it looks to me like a cut-down version of DxO ViewPoint 2. It’s designed solely for perspective and horizon conversion, and lacks the more advanced distortion controls in ViewPoint.

Here’s a before-and-after comparison using just the Force Vertical Parallel tool. It works in just the same way as it does in ViewPoint 2 and DxO Optics Pro 9. It’s perfectly effective, but I’m not quite sure we need another perspective control app from DxO.

DxO Perspective for Mac

In fairness, though, it can tackle very complex perspective corrections far beyond simple converging verticals, and at this price it could prove a useful tool, especially for architectural photographers.

DxO Perspective for Mac

The screen layout is just like ViewPoint 2’s, with perspective controls on the right and a large preview screen in the centre. I do like the way the Loupe panel in the botton right helps you position the control points precisely.