Viveza 2 control points

Who needs HDR when you’ve got Viveza 2 control points?

04 Saturation

Viveza 2 control points

I’ll finish off with a boost to the Saturation value to really bring out the warm colour of the stones. I think this will contrast well with the intense blue of the sky.

05 Duplicating control points

Viveza 2 control points

Now that I’ve got this small area just right, I can duplicate the control point and move the duplicate to new positions to lighten up another area of the stone arches. Duplicating control points works much better than simply giving a single control point a larger radius – increasing the radius reduces the effectiveness of the localised masking.

06 Grouping control points

Viveza 2 control points

Once you’ve created a series of duplicate control points, you can select them all and hit the Group button in the tools panel. This links the control points together so that you can now make a single adjustment which affects them all at once.

One thought on “Who needs HDR when you’ve got Viveza 2 control points?

  1. Hello Rod.

    Thank you for some very interesting tips and tricks with Nik Software.
    As an enthusiastic amateur, I’m a huge fan already as it produces results for me that otherwise would be impossible.
    I’m just wondering whether you can throw any light on the problem I have with Viveza.
    Whilst all other Nik plug-ins open perfectly, Viveza for some reason opens with a pre-set filter ?
    I must point out that I’m using Nik with Paintshop Pro X9 and I’m wondering if that’s the issue.

    Thanks in advance

    John Harris

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