05 Fixing the problem

Lightroom RAW+JPEG pairs

If you do inadvertently choose the wrong import setting, there is a workaround. First, you’ll need to go to the General tab in the Preferences dialog and check that ‘Treat JPEG files next to raw files as separate photos’ box…

06 Re-import your photos

Lightroom RAW+JPEG pairs

Now you need to click the Import button again and navigate back to the folder containing the images. Lightroom will check the contents of the folder against the images already in its library and highlight only the ones it hasn’t imported yet. In this case, it’ll show all the JPEG versions you meant to import the first time around…

07 Back to normal… almost


When the import is complete, you’ll have both the JPEGs and the RAW files, just as if you’d opted to import them both the first time around. The only difference is that the RAW versions will still display ‘RAW+JPEG’, so just remember this doesn’t really mean anything and that they are just RAW files.

All this is a bit irritating. It would be much simpler if Lightroom imported both automatically and found some way to ‘hide’ the JPEGs behind the RAW files or vice versa, just like Aperture. As it is, if you make a mistake with the import settings, you face some tedious unravelling later on.

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