Lightroom import settings

Speed up your workflow with Lightroom import settings

03 Lightroom import settings

Lightroom import settings

Let’s try it out. I’ve clicked the Import button to import a new batch of  pictures, and over in the right sidebar there’s an ‘Apply During Import’ panel. Just underneath this is a ‘Develop’ menu, and I can use this to select the user preset I created in the previous step. Now I just click the ‘Import’ button at the bottom.

04 Check your corrections

Lightroom import settings

Sure enough, when I open one of my freshly-imported images in the Develop module and check the Lens Corrections panel, the automatic lens corrections have already been applied. The whole process is so simple and could save me so much time that I wish I’d set it up sooner.

05 The finished image

Lightroom import settings

I think I still prefer the lens corrections in DxO Optics Pro, but Lightroom’s are so easy that it’s slowly winning me over. But this is just one example – you’ve probably got your own favourite corrections you use all the time, and creating and applying a preset during the import process could save you a huge amount of time.

Besides, all Lightroom adjustments are non-destructive. If you’ve got any images in the batch that don’t benefit from your adjustment after all, it only takes a moment to reset them to their default state.

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