Lightroom adjustment brush

How to use the Lightroom adjustment brush tool to dodge and burn your colour shots

07 Top left corner

Lightroom adjustment brush

With the main adjustments finished I can see two more areas which would benefit from tweaks. The position of the sun means the top left corner of the picture is a little light, so I’ve used a small adjustment here to tone it down to the same brightness as the rest.

08 Deep shade

Lightroom adjustment brush

I’ve added another adjustment to lighten up the very darkest shadows in the wall, and the point to make here is that these adjustments are cumulative – this one adds to the lightening effect I added to this general area the first time around.

09 The finished picture

Lightroom adjustment brush

I think this dodging and burning process has made a big difference to this picture. You can’t apply it as an automated filter because every image is different, and needs its own carefully-crafted adjustments, so it’s quite nice to keep this craft element going in photography.

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