Lightroom adjustment brush

How to use the Lightroom adjustment brush tool to dodge and burn your colour shots

04 Check the outcome

Lightroom adjustment brush

As you add adjustments, you’ll see each one is marked with a pin. Unselected pins are blank, while the currently-selected pin has a dark centre. My new adjustment has worked well, but I think I’ve caught a little bit of the sky above the tree by mistake, and the sunlit flowers are the bottom right of the frame now look a little overexposed. Clearly, I’ll need to do a little erasing here too, but I think I need to be a little more accurate this time.

05 Display the adjustment mask

Lightroom adjustment brush

It’s going to be much easier to narrow down the area of my adjustment if I can see the adjustment mask that Lightroom has created, and there’s a button for this on the bottom toolbar (circled). The mask now shows up as a red overlay, and it’s much easier to see where I need to remove it.

06 The adjusted mask

Lightroom adjustment brush

Now that I can see the mask, it’s much easier to paint out the areas I need to erase. I’ve used a smaller brush size and concentrated on the sunlit flowers at the bottom and the leaves of the tree by the side of the cottage where they’re against the sky.

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