On May 6th 2013 Adobe announced Photoshop CC, the replacement for Photoshop CS6. Adobe also announced that Photoshop CC would be a subscription-only application provided as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud online ecosystem. This means CS6 is the last version of Photoshop to be offered with a ‘perpetual licence’, and from now on you’ll have to rent your copy of Photoshop instead of buying it.


You can click on the image above to visit Adobe’s Photoshop CC web page, or click here to see the official press release.

The move has already created a storm of protest amongst photographers and the implications are far-reaching. I’ll be looking at these more closely in future posts, but that’s not only what this new website is about.

Life after Photoshop started out as a simple idea, a website for photographers who don’t want to use Photoshop any more, perhaps prompted by Adobe’s new business model, and who don’t know where to turn to find equivalent tools from other publishers.

So I’m going to be taking a look at all the possible Photoshop alternatives on the market and, at the same time, showing how many of them offer a wider range of tools, greater innovation, smarter ideas or just better ways of working than that great old grandaddy of image-editing that we’ve taken for granted for so long.

That’s it for now. My magazine deadlines are calling me. But I’ll be posting again as soon as I get some free time. There is definitely life after Photoshop, and I reckon you’ll find it much more varied and more exciting than you ever expected.

Rod Lawton, freelance photography journalist