If you downloaded ON1 Effects 10 Free you’ll have got an email offering you some free landscape presets. So here’s how to install these presets, and it’s useful for installing presets generally with the full ON1 Photo 10 product too.


01 Download and unzip

First, you need to download the presets and these will arrive as a zip file which you’ll need to uncompress. This gives you a folder containing the presets file itself and a URL link to online instructions for what to do next. In fact, it’s pretty simple…


02 Right-click and open

Don’t try to open the presets from within ON1 Effects. Instead, right-click the preset file and choose ‘Open With ON1 Effects Free 10’ or ‘ON1 Photo 10’, whichever program you’re using. I installed the presets on a Mac, but according to the instructions it should work in exactly the same way on a Windows machine.


03 Check the alerts

I installed these presets for Effects Free 10, which does not have the full set of filters in ON1 Photo 10, so I got a generic alert to warn me that some presets might not be compatible. But the ones made available for Effects Free 10 users have been selected to be compatible, so in this instance you don’t need to worry.


04 Try out your presets

The presets will be loaded into a new ‘Landscape’ category (or whatever name the preset pack has been given) and you can then browse through them and try them out like any of the others.