Nik Software Color Efex Pro combining filters

How to stack filters in Color Efex Pro 4

03 Glamour Glow filter

Color Efex Pro stacking filters

I decided this landscape needed a softening effect, so I clicked the Add Filter button again and added the Glamour Glow filter. By the way, you don’t have to pick a different filter each time. You can, if you like, use the same filter again to intensify or modify the effect.

04 Polaroid Transfer filter

Color Efex Pro stacking filters

This is intended to simulate the effect you get from transferring the emulsion from a Polariod print to another medium. Here, I’ve used it to enhance the saturation and the glow (Smear) effect.

05 Darken/Lighten Center filter

Color Efex Pro stacking filters

I’ve finished off with a vignette effect, though I’ve used Color Efex Pro 4’s Darken/Lighten Center filter instead of its Vignette tools because it’s a bit softer. It focuses attention on the centre of the frame without making the edges too dark.

06 The finished picture


Color Efex Pro stacking filtersThis dreamy, minimalist landscape is a long way from the original picture, and it shows how effective Color Efex Pro 4’s filters can be when they’re used in combination. One of the great things about this software is that it can lead you in unexpected directions and give your images ‘looks’ that you hadn’t planned or might not have thought of – it can be a real voyage of discovery!

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