OnOne Software Perfect Mask

How to get perfect cutouts with Perfect Photo Suite!

12 Cropping images

OnOne Perfect Mask

This has left me with blank wedges around the edges, so I need to switch to the Crop tool and select the area I want to keep.

13 Adding a coloured grad

OnOne Perfect Mask

Finally, I’ve gone back to the Effects module again and sneaked a little warm colour into the sky using one of Perfect Effects’ graduated filters – Graduated Warm. I’ve also adjusted the Vertical Position and Rotation sliders so that it’s concentrated in the top right corner and doesn’t impinge too much on the aircraft.

14 The finished picture

OnOne Perfect Mask

That’s it, I’m done, and I think the result looks pretty good – it certainly shows off a lot of the things you can do with Perfect Photo Suite. If I was doing this again I might add a little motion blur to the sky layer to add some ‘movement’ to the picture, but I think it’s fine for now.

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